Craig Thain


A BSC (Hons) graduate in Sports and Exercise Science from The Robert Gordon University. Aswell as being involved in the Health and Fitness Industry since 2004. Craig has both the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Craig first gained his Personal Trainer qualification in 2011, having found a real passion in helping people achieve their goals during programme designs in his first graduate job at RGU:SPORT. He then joined Nuffield Health Aberdeen to push on with his Personal Training. Both these jobs have helped develop him as a PT. He’s had a range of clients from general fitness to sport specific goals, young talented athletes to the elderly.

As a youngster Craig was always involved in sports like football, tennis and athletics. Playing football regularly since. He currently still graces the football fields in Aberdeen, playing at amateur level. On top of this he enjoys strength and conditioning training.


Personal Training

1 session per week £160 per month

2 sessions per week £280 per month

Group PT (2-4 people)

1 session per week £100 per month per person

2 sessions per week £180 per month per person