Kyle Hewitt


Prompted by the birth of my first son, and my daughter less than a year later, I finally took the steps to turn my passion of helping people and the love for fitness & health into a rewarding career. I qualified as a Fitness and motivation coach from the European institute of fitness in 2013.

I started of running my own PT business in 2013 as one half of a partnership. The partnership came to an end December of 2015, when I decided I could better serve my clients without the extra time demand brought on by this particular partnership (major lesson here the client and their needs/goals are the most important part).
It’s easy to fall in to bad habits – we all do from time to time. I’ve made some small positive steps that have changed the way I look at life. Finding your way is easy with a little guidance, I’ve found my way again and you can too!

My biggest passion is investing in people. I’m here to help you reach your health & fitness goals. Sessions are fun with a high/positive energy in the gym as well as gentle help/guidance with what’s going on in your kitchen & on your supermarket visits.



£40 per session
£340 per 10 block
£600 per 20 block



£20 per session
£180 per 10 block


1 HOUR GROUP PT (2-4 people)

£55 per session
£500 per 10 block
£850 per 20 block

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