Personal Training

At The Fit Room, you will benefit from completely private one-to-one training, creating unique and engaging training sessions. Here at The Fit Room our main focus is achieving your goals and increasing your confidence, self-esteem and knowledge.

We begin by booking you in for a free consultation with a member of our highly dedicated team, which will include an initial physical assessment to help us create a bespoke programme and set goals specifically tailored for you, taking into account current fitness levels, current or previous injuries and limitations. Moving forward, you will then be guided through an entire programme of fitness and wellbeing development, achieving goals, breaking down barriers and improving your overall lifestyle.

Personal trainers at The Fit Room believe training should be fun, challenging and educational – building from the foundations up, so you have the skills to continue training for years to come. Whatever your goals may be.

Weight Loss

Increased Strength

Mobility Or Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Fitness

Pre/Post Natal

Sport Specific Training

Exercise Beginners

Pre Wedding

Event Training

Enhancing Sports Performance

Maintaining Fitness and Wellbeing As You Get Older


Personal Training

1 session per week £160 per month

2 sessions per week £280 per month

Group PT (2-4 people)

1 session per week £100 per month per person

2 sessions per week £180 per month per person

Group Exercise

At The Fit Room we also provide exercise classes in our fitness studio space. We limit the groups to 10-12 people, ensuring that everyone gets a personal experience. We feel this is something that is often lost at commercial gyms, and large group classes. We pride ourselves on our ability to make exercise fun and affordable, and giving people a much more individual experience.

Our current list of classes includes

The Fit Room Circuits – Circuit training uses a wide variety of equipment to target every muscle group, meaning the class can provide toning, endurance and increased strength at the same time. The variety also keeps the class interesting and enjoyable.

Foundation Training – Do you suffer from back pain? shoulder and neck ache? sore knees and hips? Or do you want to improve your posture? Reduce your risk of injury? Improve your sporting performance? If you want to learn how to eliminate your pain, take control of your own health and live a healthier, happier, fitter and stronger life, try Foundation Training.

During the winter season we will increase our classes to include Meta-fit, Golf Fitness and more.


Nutrition is fast becoming a very important part of peoples lives these days, with people taking more care with what they choose to put into their bodies. At The Fit Room, we understand the importance of correct nutrition, and offer nutrition plans and coaching. We make it much easier, and less stressful when it comes to choosing the right foods, for managing your health and wellbeing.


Standard Package
Detailed analysis of current diet
Tailored progressive 7 day meal plan dependent on goals/history
Weekly progress ‘check in’ with coach
Plan updates after 4 & 8 weeks
Monthly Extensions Available

£160 – 12 week commitment

Premium Package
As standard plus:
Initial meet up/skype call
Additional meet ups at 4 and 8 weeks
Unlimited email support throughout
Weekly shopping lists
Weekly supplement recommendations
Monthly extentions available

£200 – 12 week commitment