“I’ve lost inches in a short space of time”

Anyone who knows me will testify that I’m not a natural athlete. With Darren’s patient guidance I’m making steady progress. Both my fitness and strength are increasing every week. The tape measure doesn’t lie either…I’ve lost inches in a short space of time. Add to this the fact that Darren makes every session fun as well as challenging and you end up with one very happy client. I’d recommend Darren to anyone
Donna Mckay

“enjoyable and fun”

Darren is a fantastic PT, he’s helped me massively in achieving my goals, motivating and educating me along the way. Sessions are always varied and tailored to you which helps make getting in shape enjoyable and fun, something I never thought I’d say!
Deborah Waldron

“Highly recommended”

As a 40 something year old golfer who hadn’t been in a gym for some time….. I appreciated the one to one environment. I also found that Darren provided a sensible structure to work within understanding what I needed from the sessions (not just copying a template). The best thing you could do with any trainer is meet them first – Darren gave me this opportunity and we have now been working together for 6 months. Highly recommended.

“tailored to my needs”

Darren is an excellent PT. Every session has been tailored to my needs. His facility has loads of equipment to provide a varied and exciting work out. Darren has also given me diet/food advice that has been very useful. But most of all Darren is a nice guy who you can have a laugh with while he pushes you through the pain barrier!
Adam Simpson

“friendly and very knowledgeable PT”

Darren is an easy going, friendly and very knowledgeable PT. He’s built my gym confidence up to new heights ensuring plenty of variety in my sessions tailored to maximising my fitness goals. I’m really pleased with the work we have done and my body transformation and have no hesitation in highly recommending Darren.
Gail Garden

“happy with the progress”

I initially book a 10 block session with Darren in the past, because I wanted someone to push me hard and motivate me and Darren did exactly that. I since booked more block sessions as I was happy with the progress we were making. I even booked a block of 10 for my wife and Darren was great with her, tailoring sessions to suit her goals. Top trainer, good laugh and he is knowledgeable in so many areas!
Stephen Clarke

“Would recommend him to anyone”

Great trainer, one of the best in Aberdeen.
Very Knowledgable and fun to be around, works great with all ages.
Would recommend him to anyone.
Mark H

“feel happier and healthier”

Darren is great to deal with, fits appointments around your schedule and helps motivate you at every session, look forward to my sessions and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Darren as a trainer to anyone looking to achieve goals, feel happier and healthier.
Andy Rennie

“I wish I’d done it years ago”

Having struggled with my weight and lack of exercise / motivation throughout the years, and due to having a special birthday and holiday at the end of the year, I decided that the time had come to take stock and get myself a personal trainer and now I wish I’d done it years ago. I have been training with Craig since July and now visit him regularly 3 times a week. Every session differs from the previous and I am so happy with the results so far; seeing the change in my body shape, the new lower figures on the scales and becoming a dress size smaller has made me more determined to carry on for as long as Craig can put up with me!!!
Seeing myself in how I’ve progressed with various exercises makes all the hard work worthwhile. Craig is a great trainer who pushes me hard but also makes our session fun which to me is the perfect balance. I’m very much looking forward to working with Craig for the foreseeable future and would highly recommend him.
The Fit Room itself is a fab place to go, all the trainers who I encounter are really friendly and always have a smile to greet you.

“a whole new meaning to exercise & keeping fit“

I needed a PT that would keep me motivated & Darren was the one to do it. Darren brings a whole new meaning to exercise & keeping fit, although he works you extremely hard he has a laugh too which makes it all the more enjoyable. I would recommend Darren to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer
Clare Hendry

“inspirational, dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic trainer”

Darren is an inspirational, dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic trainer. He’s also great fun and a great support. Highly recommended at a personal trainer!!

“Feeling stronger than ever“

Great trainer. Makes exercise fun – who knew it was possible! Has been helping me post hip replacement recovery. Feeling stronger than ever!
Victoria Lamont

“Definitely a fantastic trainer!”

Really great trainer, helps keep you motivated and set on your fitness goals. And evens manages to make it fun! Definitely a fantastic trainer!
Rachael Brown

“everything has changed thanks to Craig!!“

I’ve been working out under Craig’s instruction since May 2015. At the beginning of the year I would come home from work, make my dinner, sit on the sofa and only move when I needed another cuppa or it was time for bed and the result was I got bigger and bigger!! I was so unhappy with myself and knew a change had to happen. In desperation I googled “personal trainer”, clicked on the website at the top of the list and sent off an email asking if they could help.
6 months later everything has changed thanks to Craig!! I felt at ease in his company from the start. He quickly understood where I was coming from and assured me he could help. I work out with Craig twice a week and always look forward to my gym time, the hour passes so quickly. He works me really hard, always pushing me that bit more!! One exercise I was really uncomfortable doing, he removed from the plan and replaced it with another with no questions asked!! I’m also jogging in between gym visits and paying close attention to my diet greatly encouraged by Craig. In all the time I’ve been going to him I haven’t once thought “I can’t be bothered tonight”, such a change from the beginning of the year!! I can’t recommend Craig highly enough to anyone who needs that extra push!

“considerable improvements in my fitness and health”

During my training with Craig I have noticed considerable improvements in my fitness and health, with Craig producing varied, challenging and enjoyable programmes of exercise. No two sessions are the same, and with constant dialogue and feedback I have been able to improve my technique and fitness.

Craig is an excellent trainer and offers sound and constructive advice on all fitness and dietary matters with this being delivered in a knowledgeable and understanding way.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Craig to others and will be continuing to work with him going forward.

“would definitely recommend“

I’ve recently started training with Darren and would definitely recommend. The sessions have been varied and he provides plenty of encouragement and support when learning new techniques.
Amy Robertson

“will help you reach your fitness goals”

Darren is a friendly, motivational and dedicated trainer. Working with Darren will help you reach your fitness goals. Thoroughly recommended!
Jason Stewart

“helping people achieve their goals“

Great trainer, truly motivated in helping people achieve their goals, highly recommend