Darren Mackenzie


Growing up, Darren had a love for sport: football, golf, and latterly mixed martial arts. Injuries stopped Darren playing regularly and meant a lot of unhealthy weight gain.

Unhappy with how his body and lifestyle had changed, Darren began lifting weights and exercising again and “caught the bug”. After seeing the positive life impact this had, Darren pursued a career helping others to do the same.

Darren since has studied various courses including REPS Level 3 in personal training, and is constantly expanding his knowledge in other areas of training and nutrition to help further the achievements and knowledge of his clients.

Darren’s training methods are designed to excite clients in their sessions while they progress towards their goals. He stands by the core principle that small changes in nutrition and lifestyle over a period of time are the ones that become permanent, and will be there to guide his clients along the way.

Darren excells with weight loss clients, those looking to improve sporting performance, and strength coaching.



£40 per session
£350 per 10 block
£650 per 20 block


£20 per session
£180 per 10 block

1 HOUR GROUP PT (2-4 people)

£55 per session
£500 per 10 block
£850 per 20 block