Training Packages

At The Fit Room, you will benefit from completely private one-to-one training, creating a unique and engaging training experience. 

Our main focus is delivering results, increasing your confidence and giving you the tools to continue thriving on your own.

You begin by selecting the training model that best suits your current lifestyle/goals. The level of support you require may be better suited to one package over another, which we can provide guidance on.

You then select the trainer you would like to work with and we set up a FREE consultation/call to start putting together a strategy that works for you.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions that take place at The Fit Room.

You will receive your workout program, nutrition guidance, trainer support and fully private personal training sessions.

1 session per week - £160 per month
2 sessions per week - £280 per month

Online Personal Training

Online Training offers you all of the accountability and support of having a trainer, but the freedom to go to the gym at times that are convenient for you.

You receive all of your workout programs, nutrition guidance and support, video demonstrations and feedback, access to our training app, trainer instant messaging and weekly check-ins with your trainer.

This gives you the full training experience without having to commit to in-person sessions.

Full online training - £89 per month

Online Programming

Online programming is for those that are confident enough to train on their own but are looking for someone to help fast track their progress in the gym.

You receive a 5-week training program, which we review at week 4 to monitor your progress and make any amendments to the next 5-week block.

You will receive live updates and changes should they be required and a 30-minute call with your trainer to discuss your plan and any adjustments needed.

Online Programming - £45 per month

nutrition specialist aberdeen


Know exactly how many calories you need to consume each day to maintain or lose weight.

recipe pack - the fit room


Each recipe has macro breakdowns, video instructions and my fitness pal barcodes.

golf fitness at the fit room


Give yourself a head start on the competition by learning how to assess and progress some of your body's limitations.